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If you need to contact the University Approved Absence Office, you can do so by emailing


If you are a student emailing the UAAO, please review the information below to see if your question is already answered.  If it is answered below, you will not receive a separate response.

The University Approved Absence Office reviews requests as promptly as possible.  While it usually does not take more than 3 business days to review requests, please allow up to 10 business days for review of emails/requests and consultation with other departments as appropriate.  Business days do not include weekends or holidays.  So long as students get their absence request submitted to the UAAO in a timely fashion (within 5 business days after a student’s return and have documentation delivered within 10 days if not attached to request), if a request is approved, faculty will be required to work with the student as noted under the Class Attendance Policy.  If documentation is not attached directly to the request, this can result in additional review time beyond the 10 business days timeline advertised above.

If you are emailing about obtaining a University Approved Absence, please go to our website and submit the official request form.  Emails sent to the UAAO asking for UAAs are not considered official requests and will not be approved/reviewed.

Examples of absences that do not meet criteria for University approval: weddings, travel issues, weather, conferences, job duties, student activities, common illnesses such as colds, viruses, stomach bugs, sprained ankles, migraines, strep throat, and the like, graduate school interviews, and intermittent absences due to chronic health issues/diagnoses.

Examples of absences that meet criteria for University approval: emergency surgery, death of a family member,  medically directed Covid-19 quarantine or isolation, hospitalization, religious observation, and military duty.

Please review the Provost’s message on in-person instruction and contact tracing for answers to common questions about Covid-19 contact tracing, attending classes, and how students will be notified if they are a close contact.

If you are emailing about medical Covid-19 testing, Quarantine, or Isolation instructions/questions (i.e. When can I come back to class?  Do I need to be tested again after completing my required quarantine or isolation?  I am still experiencing symptoms past 10 days, what do I do?)  Please contact Campus Health and review the updated Isolation Guidance.

Please note that approved absences related to COVID may be shorter or longer (up to a total of 10 days) than the dates listed in your UAA PDF notification.  Under current CDC and University guidance, individuals testing positive for COVID are instructed to isolate for a period of 5 days from the date of a positive test or the onset of COVID-related symptoms, whichever is earlier.  If an individual’s symptoms are not resolving at the end of five days, individuals are instructed to continue their isolation.  We encourage faculty to work with students in a manner that encourages them to return to class promptly, but only when it is safe and appropriate to do so.  A student may return to class earlier than stated on their UAA PDF notification if they have met the CDC and University’s isolation requirements.  Additional or modified documentation for COVID-related absences will only be issued if a student’s absence is approved to extend beyond 10 days by a medical provider.

As a reminder, there is no appeal process for a denial of a UAA request.  If a student’s request is denied because it does not meet the Class Attendance Policy criteria, that student will need to work directly with their faculty members on their absence.  Faculty have the authority to grant academic adjustments to students who do not meet the criteria for a UAA.

To submit a request or for more information about the UAAO and the Class Attendance Policy, Covid-19 isolation or quarantine, including FAQs for Faculty and Students, please visit our website at


University Approved Absences are not valid for dates after the last day of class due to not covering the Final Exam period. For Final Exam Excuses, students will need to follow the Final Exam Excuse process.